Ewald & Wasserman Research Consultants, LLC Survey Research Consulting and Social Science Services
Media Implementation and Impact Research
E&W, together with Brücker Consulting, offer media implementation research and consulting services for the analysis, introduction and distribution of a selected range of media platforms, such as software and small consumer technology products targeting the US and European markets. Services include segmentation analysis of software and electronic entertainment products as well as the investigation of consumer behavior and preferences in various contexts.

Additionally E&W and Brücker Consulting provide data collection services and consulting on media impact of video and PC gaming products, including software and visual entertainment electronics. We also offer analysis and guidance services for Internet and Web 2.0 social networking and entertainment tools and their impact on social behavior and communication and interaction patterns with sound scientific and multi-modal social science research methods.

To receive more information on how we can assist in media implementation and impact research, please email us: info@eandwresearch.com.