Ewald & Wasserman Research Consultants, LLC Survey Research Consulting and Social Science Services
Field Work
E&W offers a broad range of field data collection services for a multitude of research and data needs, ranging from computer-assisted interviews of youth panelists to video observations of events and behaviors pertaining to diverse traffic settings. E&W maintains a multi-lingual field staff in the entire US to collect video, audio, observational as well as manual and computerized in-person and in-depth interview data which is used for executive decision making, public policy evaluation as well for expert witness support in the court-of-law.

Field research services provided by E&W include:

- Intercepts in public as well as private locations using defined procedures and scripts, and including visual stimuli materials and incentives;
-Computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI), for computerized data collection with laptops, comprising auditory and visual stimuli such as images and video clips;
-Computer-assisted self-administered interviewing (CASI) for computerized data collection on sensitive survey topics to minimize response and social desirability bias and to insure response confidentiality;
-Door-to-door studies following explicit route and attempt protocols in a broad range of defined geographic locations and including presentation of stimulus materials using a wide range of data collection means;
-Cognitive Interviewing, in which concepts are presented to respondents in modes designed to elicit thought processes to further explore opinions or insights;
-In-depth personal and executive Interviewing, such as structured or standardized interviews in exploratory and qualitative research protocols in a wide array of settings;
-Field observations in an extensive range of sites and settings, including video observation, manual and computerized frequency counts and tallies of pedestrians and vehicle traffic and interactions, visitor frequencies as well as observational customer behavior studies.

To receive more information on how we can assist with field work data collection, please email us: info@eandwresearch.com.