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Evidence Based Research
E&W, together with the affiliated Evidence Based Business (EBB) group also provides evidence based research services to help organizations such as health plans, physician organizations and government agencies to better understand their clients, customers or patients served.

The Ewald & Wasserman and Evidence-Based Business team are experts in the study of human behavior, its extrapolation into quantifiable terms and the translation and application of findings into a service-oriented business context. Foundations of this approach are established and demonstrated theories from social science disciplines including anthropology, psychology, sociology, and economics. Their integrated approach allows for a comprehensive and accurate evaluation of client behavior and needs, including cultural, linguistic as well as service-oriented requirements.

By employing this scientific foundation, the process commences with client and needs-assessment-specific data being collected and analyzed, and then leveraged into effective, as well as implementable outcomes.

Especially in the health care setting, evidence based research is a viable tool for patient care procedure improvement on both a medical as well as an organizational level and includes the quality assurance of clinical as well as administrative services in a comprehensive approach. A more accurate understanding of patient needs will translate into quality improvement by embracing a human-centered management culture.

To receive more information on how we can assist with evidence based research, please email us: info@eandwresearch.com.