Ewald & Wasserman Research Consultants, LLC Survey Research Consulting and Social Science Services
Evaluations and Needs Assessment
E&W provides professional assistance including scientific data collection for a range of public policy, public health and health care provider evaluations and needs assessments, including program effectiveness evaluation, community needs analysis, intervention design, solution strategies and their implementation as well as the identification of needs for future program planning. E&W's experience includes the examination of cultural and linguistic needs of patients groups for health care providers, and the service needs and language requirements for member subgroups such as seniors and people with disabilities. Evaluation reports and needs assessment outputs are designed and executed to adhere to the specified requirements outlined by the California Department of Health Services and other official guidelines. Additional expertise includes evaluation of after school program impact on reading and comprehension levels, social interaction and attitudes toward school and scholastic achievement as well as media impact on youth behavior related to drinking and social interaction.

Supplementary services offered include secondary data research, data mining and analysis and data comparison of health care provider administrative and pharmacy utilization data, HEDIS and NCQA data sources as well as comprehensive literature research and data and information integration.

To receive more information on how we can assist with evaluation and needs assessment, please email us: info@eandwresearch.com.